What is H3D Tool Corp policy for CAD drawings?

Because the engineering and tool design process is often time consuming and expensive, our policy is to create a CAD drawing only after the order is received from the customer.  In an effort to keep our costs and therefore customer pricing at a reasonable level, we choose to spend our engineering time on those customers committed to purchasing their tooling from us.  Our process includes Three D modeling, which results in a heavy investment in engineering time to create a custom tool for our customers.  Depending on the complexity of the tool, drawing fees can range anywhere from $25.00 to several hundred dollars if the tool requires multiple mating pieces, shears, split wing, or premium design. A charge will be assessed if a drawing is created and the tool is not purchased.  After receipt of the customers order and concept, we will provide our version of the drawing and tool design for  the customer's review and approval prior to beginning the manufacturing process.

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