My tooling is dull or damaged, now what?

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You have made a significant investment in the tooling you use and tooling is an integral part of your manufacturing process.  Our goal is to make sure the your investment is maintained to the highest quality standard in the industry.  It's simple for us.  We spend your money as if it were out own.  We will examine the tool and determine the lowest cost alternative to repair, sharpen, recondition or replace your tool. If the tool has reached a point where it is not economical or safe to repair, we will recommend and quote a new replacement tool.

Packaging is very important when returning tools to us for sharpening and reconditioning.  Make sure each tool is individually packed and the cutting edges are protected. Make sure the tool(s) cannot move within the package as this is one of the leading causes of damage other than normal wear.  Whenever possible, please use the packaging provided when the tool was new to return it to us for sharpening and service.

While many local companies can sharpen tooling, many do not have the equipment to rebuild or retip the tool to like new specifications.  As a complete design and manufacturing center for tooling we offer the same processes and equipment we use to manufacture new tooling to perform the sharpening and reconditioning process.  If we cannot restore your tool to like new specifications, we can provide the best replacements available on the market today.

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