How do I install inserts in my H3D Tool Corp. Insert Tool?

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As with any work on a machine with moving parts, we recommend that a lockout tagout procedure be used for operator safety. Click the image at the left to view larger.

  1. Remove tool from machine
  2. Place tool on work surface that allows easy access to the tool hardware
  3. Loosen either the gib screw or remove the face mount screws
  4. Remove the insert and / or gib
  5. Thoroughly clean the mounting surface for the insert in the tool holder
  6. Install new insert or insert and existing gib
  7. Apply pressure at 45 degrees toward the locating surface or screw as indicated
  8. Torque gib screw to 150 in/lbs or face mount screw to 5 nm
  9. Completely wipe down tool holder to make sure it is free from dust and debris
  10. Clean receiving arbor/toolholder/chuck and reinstall tool
  11. Rotate tool by hand to insure clear cutting path
  12. Remember to remove all installation tooling before starting machine
  13. Start making lots and lots of parts

See our new Insert Changing Station article for an easy way to hold your insert heads while changing the inserts!

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