I know I need tooling but what type is best for me?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I know that I need new tooling, but what is the most economical for me to use in this application?

As a fully integrated total manufacturing facility for Diamond, Insert, and Brazed types of tooling, our applications specialists can help you to determine the best tool to use to meet the challenges of all of your applications. Call us and let us know the details with regard to what you want to do and we will help you decide which type of tooling will meet the criteria of Price, Finish on the Material, Blade Life, Delivery Time, and other factors which are important when making the decision to purchase new tooling.

To help you with your decision, we have compiled the following information which will be helpful in your decision making process;

CARBIDE VERSUS DIAMOND TOOLING  (Brazed Carbide or Insert Carbide)

Tooling Advantages - Brazed Carbide

  1. Precision ground at the factory/all teeth cutting
  2. Lower initial cost vs. insert and diamond. Ideal for small production runs or one time jobs.
  3. Quicker lead times for new or service

Tooling Advantages - Insert Tooling

  1. Maintain profile consistency or control
  2. Maintain tool dimension control (diameter of tool & constant cutting circle) which helps during setup
  3. Changing cutter insert knives in the field.

Tooling Advantages - Diamond Tooling

  1. To significantly lower overall production costs,
  2. To virtually eliminate or reduce setup times,
  3. To reduce scrap parts and material loss due to reduced set up,
  4. To reduce the number of highly skilled or trained personnel required due to elimination of constant set ups,
  5. To maintain extremely tight dimensional control over the life of the tool,
  6. To experience superior quality of edge finish due to tool sharpness,
  7. PCD Tooling operates quieter,
  8. PCD Tooling can achieve faster operating feed rates,
  9. Lack of quality precision sharpening service available in your geographical location (PCD Tooling occasional sent to us for service),
  10. Elimination of high tooling inventory and personnel necessary to manage the tooling inventory

H3D Tool Corp. manufactures all three of the above referenced types of tooling. Sometimes the purchasing decision comes down to the buyers personal preference. In that case, H3D Tool Corp. can offer an unbiased opinion since we manufacture all three types of tooling. Our goal is to provide the very best tooling not only for your application, but for your specific needs, requirements, and levels of production. When considering the various alternatives you should always consider;


  1. The material to be cut,
  2. The condition of the machine to be used,
  3. The tolerances you desire to maintain while cutting,
  4. The desired feeds and speeds to be run,
  5. The amount of cutting to be performed,
  6. Your geographical location and the availability of sharpening services,
  7. Not just the initial cost of tooling, but the true operating cost of the tool which is determined by your cost to cut per lineal foot, per square inch, or whatever yardstick you care to use,
  8. The trainability of your operators and their desire to be efficient.



As with any decision to buy it is important to consider all of the facts before reaching a final decision. We will always make ourselves available to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of tooling for your specific application.

We recommend the purchase of carbide tooling for initial startup and testing and then conversion to diamond tooling for full production. The carbide tools then become your backup tools when the diamond requires sharpening/servicing.

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